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This is the story… Greed The Rock Opera: A fairy tale in Abertaff

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It is warm as toast in the bed of Maxen Cala. As he sleeps and dreams of revolution.

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An escape from the slavery in Abertaff, a town dominated by an enormous mansion on a black coal tip.

The Upper World. It is where the banker, the politician, the chief of police, the bishop and the rest of The Parasites live. Their leader is an investment banker industrialist called Rotkin.

Rotkin the banker

Rotkin the Parasite Banker


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Down in the valley, the Lower World, The Silent live – hooked on fast food, sport, phones and social networking. Maxen Cala will rouse the people of Abertaff out of their apathy and rise up against the greedy control of the Parasites.

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Maxen will lead a rebellion against the inequality of wealth.

Rotkin is aware of Maxen Cala’s desires and tries to recruit him for The Parasites. He does not succeed but it occurs to Maxen that if he were to join the enemy, he could bring them down from the inside. But how?

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The Parasites come out at night led by Rotkin and his riot police, The Rotka, to rob The Silent and cherrypick victims for their evil pleasure.


They will be drugged and brainwashed. The Zombies are the local kids who walk around head bowed, glued to mobiles. If they are lucky, they are dumped back into the community with the latest smartphones and tablets.

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They don’t know it yet but when their brainwashed minds are triggered off, they will kill their own kind in random massacres.

Elin is a cake shop girl who dreams of shoes and the man who can buy them for her. Maxen is in love with her. She does not love Maxen.

All Lies Graphic

The Cycle Glyders drop the poison

Pedal powered Glyders fly in the sky above Abertaff leaving chemical trails in their wake. The heavy gas is loaded with aluminium and barium. It falls down onto the heads of The Silent dumbing them down and turning them into phone-toting zombies.

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Mickey J is a ghost that wanders the streets late at night playing his ghost guitar. He is followed by the ghost of Alan Turing (the inventor of the computer). They sing songs of love and hope.


Mickey believes that one day a magic power chord from his guitar will put an end to the Parasite’s insanity.

During a night time Parasite raid on the town Elin is dragged off and locked in a clock tower.


She is drugged and she falls into a coma-like state but she imagines that she is still online, shopping and social networking on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest.

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Maxen Cala must rescue her. It’s a battle between love and greed. Mickey J tells him the only way to beat The Parasites is to play The Big Chord. It’s an C major chord of great power. It will produce love. He teaches him how.

Maxen is recruited by The Parasites’ leader and infiltrates the privileged. The Big Chord that Mickey J has taught him is played and a powerful love engulfs The Parasitical world. It also creates a virus. A greed virus.

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The Parasites start to become ill. The virus spreads, it will only attack the greedy. The bankers, politicians and corporate industrialists begin to bloat. Then they explode.

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Rotkin realises that he will soon suffer the same fate and being a religious man, fears that he will go to Hell for all the bad he has done. He decides that if he has ‘God Forgive Me’ carved on his tombstone, he may be let into Heaven.

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Rotkin dies along with the rest of The Parasites. It’s not a pretty sight.

Maxen rescues Elin from the clock tower and they look down on the town. And now with greed gone from Abertaff, the rules of life change. All people are equal.

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But when all is said and done, it’s a fairy tale after all. It couldn’t really happen. Could it?

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