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Posted: April 4, 2014 in Greed The Recording

Greed The Rock Opera

keys sm


Track Listing


1  Revolution                                                   click to hear track

2  Cookies                                                      click to hear track

3  Bread And Circuses                                            click to hear track

4  Tu Bal Cain                                                      click to hear track

5  Wake Up Call                                                    click to hear track

6  Something Wrong In Town                                click to hear track

7  Rotkin                                                             click to hear track

8  99%                                                             click to hear track

9  Sheep                                                           click to hear track

10 It’s All Lies       click to hear track  –    video at:

11  The Parasites                                                click to hear track

12  Mob Handed                                                click to hear track

13  Only Really Happy                                        click to hear track

14  She’s In A Coma                                           click to hear track

15  MK Ultra                                                       click to hear track

16  Big Chord                                                    click to hear track

17  TV Report                                                    click to hear track

18  Greed                                                        click to hear track

19  God Forgive Me                                           click to hear track

20  When I Grow Up                                       click to hear track

Watch a stripped down version of Bread And Circuses at Northhouse Studios

Watch the It’s All Lies video at

Doll gtr edit


The Scribble Man Project


Nigel Baaah Pic Shades Hat FX

Scribbleman – guitar and vocals

Tim sunglasses

Time Bough – drums, vocals on most songs and screaming

DJ Daniel B James WP

Daniel B James – the radio DJ

Tanya cage

Tanya Walker – vocals on Bread And Circuses and MK Ultra


Ian Milton – Rotkin vocals on Cookies, Rotkin, Only Really Happy, God Forgive Me

Billy 4C 2013 clar bw

Billy Strangward – guitar on Revolution, Cookies, Bread And Circuses, Sheep, God Forgive Me


Karin Mear – Maxen’s mother on Revolution

Bob Evans edit

Bob Evans – percussion on lots of stuff, washboard, bodrhan, sleighbells, tambourine

DL Jones – narrator

Caroline Price – guitar on God Forgive Me

Greed Jamie 2 contrast Session 2 wp

Jamie Thomas – flute on It’s All Lies, The Parasites, accordion on When I Grow Up


John Eyre – vocals on Something Wrong In Town, It’s All Lies, When I Grow Up

Huw Parsons crop

Huw Parsons – Bishop Belcher on Sheep

Andrew Grubb – screaming on Wake Up Call

Niall Davidson – vocals on Tu Bal Cain

Hywel Evans – vocals on Tu Bal Cain, Rotkin

Aberhonddu Male Voice Choir (Rob Bevan, Alun Parry and Martin Weale) – vocals on Bread And Circuses, MK Ultra, God Forgive Me


A huge thanks to everyone who gave their time and talent.

Download tracks or the whole album Greed The Rock Opera for free at


Greed CROP banner 3

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