Greed The Rock Opera – So what is it, then?

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Glad you asked. It’s a live show about greed. The 1% who are in the lap of luxury and the 99% who are exploited and generally conned. It’s got a storyline and everything.

It’s also an album which you can download for free at

Great songs (well, I would say that) and a cast of 16 Brecon singers, actors and musicians. Greed isn’t a band playing in a pub. It’s not a Broadway show either. It’s kind of like nothing else really. Come see for yourself.

Next Show: Wow! The next show is in a barn behind the Felinfach Griffin on Saturday September 12. It’s in aid of Brecon Foodbank and entry fee is a bag of food. See what we did there? Contact and she will send you an e-ticket. (well there’s posh.) Incidentally, the Foodbank show will be a bit stripped back so it won’t be too loud. Nige

a tab 2 only really good

a tab 3 cjen good

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