Bring Greed to a venue in your town!

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Book Greed The Rock Opera. There I’ve said it. That’s pretty direct. It’s a rock opera, it’s a night out. If you care about your world, hassle your local venue (biggish) now.

Contact me via Facebook (Greed The Rock Opera), Twitter (@greedrockopera), email me or call me on 07926 196714. Or you can fill in the snazzy form below…

Hey watch the trailer here —–

It’s a live show about greed. The 1% who are in the lap of luxury and the 99% who are exploited and generally conned. It’s got a storyline and everything. 16 people on stage at any one time, though mainly it’s five or six.

Greed is also an album which you can download for free at

Rotkin fire

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