Greed The Movie wins first film award

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Huzzah! Greed The Movie has won its first film award. The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards has given Greed the Best Genre Film Of The Season 2017 award.




Here’s what the judges had to say…


  • Best Genre Piece of the season

Winner: Greed by Nigel Evans (Link)

There are bursts of colour in this film: a particular palette of excess. And the same can be said about the characters, who hop through the film’s musical numbers. It feels like a great throwback to a nearly dead type of film: the drive-in rock n’ roll melodramas of the 70’s.

Nominees:  Stranger In The Dark by Jr Michael (Link), The Baby’s Crying by Bob Pipe (Link), Born Again by Jason Tostevin (Link), Bad Sheriff by Ben Bernschneider (Link)

  1. Congratulations Nigel! Can’t wait for the opening night!!

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