Greed The Great Welsh Rock Opera – Why?

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Greed The Idea
Greed Collage 1 Ian Bike Me crop

The Banker Rotkin – The Cycle Glyders – The Scribbleman

(Listen to Greed The Rock Opera at or skip to the ‘Greed – What’s the Story?’ or ‘Greed – Hear the Songs’ posts below for links to tracks.)

Greed The Rock Opera – It’s an album of songs. It could be a film. Could be animated. Could be staged. Or just listened to: chuck it on your iPod for free! Watch the It’s All Lies video at

Greed MT6

At the same time it’s a story. Like an allegorical fairytale or a seventies concept album.

Greed is set in a small town that could be anywhere. It’s about the big bad world we live in but I’ve shrunk the world to make it easier.

police and town

These songs were recorded over the last year, using singers and guitarists and musicians I’ve come across.

I got the local male voice choir in and Dave Jones the cab driver actor narrates.

Studio gtrs

Greed is about the fake world we live in. It’s about the debt controlled slavery system we’re manacled to called money.


It’s about hapless politicians and the evil bankers that control them. It’s about the dimwitted media and the corporations that control them.

And that leaves us (the 99%), stuck at the bottom, controlled by everyone else (the 1%).


Can Maxen Cala rid Abertaff of greed and save the town? Listen to Greed The Rock Opera and find out.

Guitars were mangled in the making of Greed but none were seriously harmed.

Sleighbells were shaken at one point. In one song, a tiny red xylophone was malleted.

Tele pegs smTele menace sm

Greed CROP banner 3

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