Welcome to Abertaff: Welcome to Hell

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Welcome to Abertaff and welcome to Hell.

Tee 1

It’s a bugger but everything you think you know is a lie. Rotkin controls everything. That guy who presents breakfast tv every day: He’s a member of the Bullshit Club, he’s one of Rotkin’s puppet elite.


Don’t believe anything. Question everything. The radio station and the local newspaper is owned by the banker Rotkin. The internet is monitored by his puppets. Some of what you read might be the truth. For now – until Rotkin shuts the activists and alternative media down. And he will.

Tee 2

Control is the name of his game. And it’s powered by greed.


You won’t believe this but money doesn’t exist. It’s an invention. It’s a fantasy. You can work as much as you like but you’ll never get rich. That’s a fantasy too. You’ll have a giant tv and all the processed cheese you can eat. And all the time Rotkin is playing with you, feeding you lies and bad food. He calls it Bread And Circuses.


Keep you working. Keep you poor. You’re the 99%. Rotkin is the 1%. He must die.

Tee 3

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