Glad you asked. It’s a live show about greed. The 1% who are in the lap of luxury and the 99% who are exploited and generally conned. It’s got a storyline and everything.

It’s also an album which you can download for free at

Great songs (well, I would say that) and a cast of 16 Brecon singers, actors and musicians. Greed isn’t a band playing in a pub. It’s not a Broadway show either. It’s kind of like nothing else really. Come see for yourself.

Next Show: Wow! The next show is in a barn behind the Felinfach Griffin on Saturday September 12. It’s in aid of Brecon Foodbank and entry fee is a bag of food. See what we did there? Contact and she will send you an e-ticket. (well there’s posh.) Incidentally, the Foodbank show will be a bit stripped back so it won’t be too loud. Nige

a tab 2 only really good

a tab 3 cjen good


The Greed The Rock Opera-mobile rolled on over the weekend with an acoustic version at Alan McGee’s Tabernacle in Talgarth (it’s near Brecon in Mid Wales). The story goes that Alan ‘Creation Records’ McGee bought the 1837 chapel for his wife Kate Holmes and hey presto! – they turn it into a groovy live venue.

Our good friend Annie Dierikx from hot and happening local website fyi Talgarth showed up with a long lens and snapped some of the action. My favourite is the one below of The Scrachans (our lovely backing vocalists). It was taken after the show in one of the chapel’s spooky stairwells.

Hey, huge thanks to Geraint Brown who stepped in at the last moment to operate our projections!

The audience in the tiny venue was a chic 30 odd – appreciative and intent on following the story of small town revolution. It being unplugged and all, we broke the fourth wall for this outing and explained some of the goings on.

Most strange but true moment of the night was when Tim our drummer disappeared for ‘99%’. It turned out that he thought we were at ‘The Money Song’, where it’s just me and Jenni. And he does the set lists! God help us. On his return to the drumkit, he got the biggest cheer of the show.

Today Talgarth, tomorrow the world! Well, it looks like Aberystwyth is in the pipeline anyway. Nige

The Scrachans                                                                         Only Really Happy

a tab 0 witches    a tab 2 only really good


Jenni Davies as Elin                                                            Rotkin and Maxencala

a tab 3 cjen good    a tab 3 cookies


Nicola Bickerton                                   The Scrachans

a tab 3 nicky great  a tab 4 wscrachans bw


a tab 8 jen


Greed writer Nigel Evans                                Ian Milton as Rotkin


a tab 27 me explaining  a tab 37 ian smirk


The end of Rotkin?                                                               Only Really Happy

a tab 60 ian foot    a tab 45 only really chorus


Jamie Huish

a tab 59 jamie virus

The next Greed show is at Alan McGee’s Tabernacle in Talgarth. It’s a special show for the converted chapel with an acoustic take on the Greed story. A full cast but unplugged. Anti-banker, anti-austerity, anti-corporate.

Greed Tabernacle Flyer 180715 crop 2


Tickets are an incredible £3 each, though space is limited to 65 lucky people. Pick one up from The Hours Cafe & Bookshop in Brecon or The Baker’s Table in Talgarth. You can also reserve a ticket by calling 07926 196714 or emailing

Mallyfest 2015

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Greed The Rock Opera was played out at Mallyfest 2015 at Baskerville Hall on June 20. The festival is in its second year and celebrates the life of legendary musician and singer Mally Powell.

Mallyfest 2015 poster flyer


asm Mally scrachs asm Mally sian 1

asm Mally Ian 1 asm Mally sian 2 asm Mally tim 1 asm Mally hywel 1 asm Mally dl1



Watch the Greed Trailer here:


Next show: Redhouse Merthyr Friday March 20. Call 01685 384111 for tickets.


Jenni DaviesJamie Thomas


God Forgive Me

Ian Milton as Rotkin

Nigel EvansBilly and Jamie

Theatr Brycheiniog six shot

The police, the church, the media


Jenni Davies in pink lightThe Scrachans

Reason Radio

The virus

Only Really Happy

Billy Nigel Mark Alun

Ian projection




Live shows – soon in 2015!

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Greed The Rock Opera hits the road in 2015 – live band, singers, choirs, a narrator and a couple of dancers!

Dates so far:

Friday February 27 – Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon (Tickets 01874 611622 /

Friday March 20 – Redhouse, Merthyr Tydfil

Download the album for free at

Watch Greed The Rockoperamentary here…

Greed, the first ever activist rock opera, is a musical protest and a reaction to austerity, government cuts, bankers bonuses and big corporations – a theme that brought the Brecon performers together.

Ex-Stranglers manager, Dai Davies has called it the first ever ‘Facebook Opera’.

Writer Nigel Evans says: “I put a post on Facebook asking if anyone fancied helping me record a rock opera and a load of people messaged me. I knew most of them to be fair. Brecon’s a small town and there’s a ton of musicians.”

Greed features vocal performances from actor Ian Milton as the evil banker Rotkin, members of Aberhonddu Male Voice Choir, singer Jenni Davies, poet Huw Parsons, the Greed female choir featuring local bookshop owners Nicky Bickerton and Leigh Hendra, and artists Karin Mear and Hilda Benham, and local cab driver DL Jones as the story’s narrator.


Accordionist and flautist Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas from Greed The Rock Opera

Nigel says: “Greed is about the big bad world we live in but I’ve shrunk the world in Greed to make it easier to follow. It’s about hapless politicians in Abertaff and the evil bankers like Rotkin who control them.

Greed is about the fake world we live in where 1% own 99% of the wealth. It’s about the debt controlled slavery system we’re manacled to called money. It’s a love story really.”


Narrator DL Jones

DL Jones Greed narrator


A scaled back version of Greed was roadtested on audiences during Brecon Fringe Festival in August. Festival goers were in turn, enthusiastic and shocked.

Nigel says: “We were sort of mobbed. It’s a multimedia show with guest singers and samples and projections. People were favourably comparing Greed to George Orwell’s 1984 and Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds. Seems like it struck a chord with them.

People are getting genned up about what’s going on in the world. The internet has opened up so many alternative ways of getting information and not just believing what they’re spoonfed by traditional media.

It’s terrifying actually but quite exciting at the same time, when people like Owen Jones and Russell Brand talk about revolution. It’s inevitable though.”


Greed writer Scribble Man

Scribble Man from Greed The Rock Opera



Easy money

National Bank of Greed banknote


Jenni Davies as Elin

Jenni Davies from Greed The Rock Opera

Ian Milton as Rotkin

Rotkin from Greed The Rock Opera

Greed in rehearsals Dec 11 2014

Greed in rehearsal Dec 11 2014

Greed rehearsals Dec 11 2014



Revolution couch

Rotkin fire

Rotkin banknotes


Billy Strangward in rehearsals Muse Dec 2014


Billy Strangward rehearsals at the Muse


Tim and sampler Nig’s studio Jan 2015

Tim and sampler at Nig's studio





Welcome to Abertaff and welcome to Hell.

Tee 1

It’s a bugger but everything you think you know is a lie. Rotkin controls everything. That guy who presents breakfast tv every day: He’s a member of the Bullshit Club, he’s one of Rotkin’s puppet elite.


Don’t believe anything. Question everything. The radio station and the local newspaper is owned by the banker Rotkin. The internet is monitored by his puppets. Some of what you read might be the truth. For now – until Rotkin shuts the activists and alternative media down. And he will.

Tee 2

Control is the name of his game. And it’s powered by greed.


You won’t believe this but money doesn’t exist. It’s an invention. It’s a fantasy. You can work as much as you like but you’ll never get rich. That’s a fantasy too. You’ll have a giant tv and all the processed cheese you can eat. And all the time Rotkin is playing with you, feeding you lies and bad food. He calls it Bread And Circuses.


Keep you working. Keep you poor. You’re the 99%. Rotkin is the 1%. He must die.

Tee 3

Greed Collage 1 Ian Bike Me crop

The Banker Rotkin – The Cycle Glyders – The Scribbleman

(Listen to Greed The Rock Opera at or skip to the ‘Greed – What’s the Story?’ or ‘Greed – Hear the Songs’ posts below for links to tracks.)

Greed The Rock Opera – It’s an album of songs. It could be a film. Could be animated. Could be staged. Or just listened to: chuck it on your iPod for free! Watch the It’s All Lies video at

Greed MT6

At the same time it’s a story. Like an allegorical fairytale or a seventies concept album.

Greed is set in a small town that could be anywhere. It’s about the big bad world we live in but I’ve shrunk the world to make it easier.

police and town

These songs were recorded over the last year, using singers and guitarists and musicians I’ve come across.

I got the local male voice choir in and Dave Jones the cab driver actor narrates.

Studio gtrs

Greed is about the fake world we live in. It’s about the debt controlled slavery system we’re manacled to called money.


It’s about hapless politicians and the evil bankers that control them. It’s about the dimwitted media and the corporations that control them.

And that leaves us (the 99%), stuck at the bottom, controlled by everyone else (the 1%).


Can Maxen Cala rid Abertaff of greed and save the town? Listen to Greed The Rock Opera and find out.

Guitars were mangled in the making of Greed but none were seriously harmed.

Sleighbells were shaken at one point. In one song, a tiny red xylophone was malleted.

Tele pegs smTele menace sm

Greed CROP banner 3

imageTele girl manaquin cop

This is the story… Greed The Rock Opera: A fairy tale in Abertaff

Greed MT1

It is warm as toast in the bed of Maxen Cala. As he sleeps and dreams of revolution.

                                      Listen to ‘Revolution’

An escape from the slavery in Abertaff, a town dominated by an enormous mansion on a black coal tip.

The Upper World. It is where the banker, the politician, the chief of police, the bishop and the rest of The Parasites live. Their leader is an investment banker industrialist called Rotkin.

Rotkin the banker

Rotkin the Parasite Banker


                                                                                                          Listen to ‘Cookies’ 

Down in the valley, the Lower World, The Silent live – hooked on fast food, sport, phones and social networking. Maxen Cala will rouse the people of Abertaff out of their apathy and rise up against the greedy control of the Parasites.

fast food crop


                                                                                Listen to  ‘Bread And Circuses’

Maxen will lead a rebellion against the inequality of wealth.

Rotkin is aware of Maxen Cala’s desires and tries to recruit him for The Parasites. He does not succeed but it occurs to Maxen that if he were to join the enemy, he could bring them down from the inside. But how?

                                                                    Listen to ‘Something Wrong In Town’ 

The Parasites come out at night led by Rotkin and his riot police, The Rotka, to rob The Silent and cherrypick victims for their evil pleasure.


They will be drugged and brainwashed. The Zombies are the local kids who walk around head bowed, glued to mobiles. If they are lucky, they are dumped back into the community with the latest smartphones and tablets.

zombie crop

They don’t know it yet but when their brainwashed minds are triggered off, they will kill their own kind in random massacres.

Elin is a cake shop girl who dreams of shoes and the man who can buy them for her. Maxen is in love with her. She does not love Maxen.

All Lies Graphic

The Cycle Glyders drop the poison

Pedal powered Glyders fly in the sky above Abertaff leaving chemical trails in their wake. The heavy gas is loaded with aluminium and barium. It falls down onto the heads of The Silent dumbing them down and turning them into phone-toting zombies.

                                                                          Listen to ‘It’s All Lies’

Watch the ‘It’s All Lies’ video at

Mickey J is a ghost that wanders the streets late at night playing his ghost guitar. He is followed by the ghost of Alan Turing (the inventor of the computer). They sing songs of love and hope.


Mickey believes that one day a magic power chord from his guitar will put an end to the Parasite’s insanity.

During a night time Parasite raid on the town Elin is dragged off and locked in a clock tower.


She is drugged and she falls into a coma-like state but she imagines that she is still online, shopping and social networking on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest.

Mannequin bw col sm

Maxen Cala must rescue her. It’s a battle between love and greed. Mickey J tells him the only way to beat The Parasites is to play The Big Chord. It’s an C major chord of great power. It will produce love. He teaches him how.

Maxen is recruited by The Parasites’ leader and infiltrates the privileged. The Big Chord that Mickey J has taught him is played and a powerful love engulfs The Parasitical world. It also creates a virus. A greed virus.

                                                                                                                   Listen to ‘Greed’ 

The Parasites start to become ill. The virus spreads, it will only attack the greedy. The bankers, politicians and corporate industrialists begin to bloat. Then they explode.

Lightbulb crop

Rotkin realises that he will soon suffer the same fate and being a religious man, fears that he will go to Hell for all the bad he has done. He decides that if he has ‘God Forgive Me’ carved on his tombstone, he may be let into Heaven.

                                                                                               Listen to ‘God Forgive Me’

Rotkin dies along with the rest of The Parasites. It’s not a pretty sight.

Maxen rescues Elin from the clock tower and they look down on the town. And now with greed gone from Abertaff, the rules of life change. All people are equal.

                                                                                             Listen to ‘When I Grow Up’ 

Barracks View sm

But when all is said and done, it’s a fairy tale after all. It couldn’t really happen. Could it?

Listen to Greed The Rock Opera at or scroll down to the ‘Greed – Hear the Songs’ post below.


Greed CROP banner 3